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Being On A Date With Alex Lara

Ricardo La Torre

A while ago I tweeted something pretty funny that I think it relates pretty well with this article. When a girl deletes all the picture of her boyfriend is go time.

Obviously, I meant that as a joke, and I didn't mean to sounds as opportunist as I did.

While we were doing our photo shoot Alex Lara told me that she just recently got out of a long relationship. Guys, I know what you guys are thinking. I had no idea. But I did had some thoughts in my head. One was, what guy in their right mind would let a girl like her pass by, and two was "what's it like to be on a date with Alex Lara." I decided to find out.

I mean in theory, if I was looking for a girlfriend, Alex Lara is literally what I want my girlfriend to be like. I could go and say that Alex is the perfect girlfriend, she is smart and funny, and has a cute sense of style and she is just such fun person to be around.

One thing you notice about her is how classically beautiful she is, I mean she has a distinctive look, but with very natural features, she looks like a girl Spiderman would save from an alley.

Alex grew up in Kendall from Costa Rican parents and you definitely feel her Costa Rican free spirit vibe from time to time. She goes to Miami-Dade in Kendall and she is studying pre-med. She is a vegetarian and likes cute puppies.

Our date wasn't much of date, but more like a really nice hangout. And to be technically accurate, I'm not sure if she would be cool with me calling it a date, but one can only dream, right guys?

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