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Maggy Suarez is Beyond Cute

Ricardo La Torre

I stumbled across Maggie Suarez' Instagram one night as I was bored browsing the Internet. As I do with many others I add her to the list of people that would be interesting to do a shoot with. And I put it the back of my mind. After a few weeks of seeing her cute face on my feed, I was ready to do a test shoot with. Maggie fits the perfect definition of your girl next door, I would even consider her the Zoey Deschanel of Miami. But the twist is, the second part of the statement, she is a true #girlsofmiami local. I have gotten into arguments with many people of what it means to be a local.

People's perception of Miami comes down to South Beach and the people who come there for the winter. But ever since I came back to Miami I been looking for the people who truly make this city that I love, as charming as I always thought it was.

Maggie embodies the perfect Miami girl, that girl that represents all things #MiamiCool . She gives the good vibes of a girl who guys can be best friends with.

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