Mariacarla Doval Is My Crush This Week

Ricardo La Torre

Here at Urban Sharp, I spend a lot of my time on the Instagrams. So much that sometimes people have to take my phone away so I can carry a conversation. Most of the time I spent it looking for new talent or just regular beauty on the Internet. When we do find it we share it with you guys.

We were lucky enough to catch Mariacarla Doval on her spring break here in Miami, where she doesn't reside anymore (Insert sad emoji). She's in her freshman year at Brown University, where she might be studying Economics or who knows. What we do know is that she is super humble about everything in life including her incredible smile.

Mariacarla Doval

What were you doing 5 minutes ago?

MCD: Driving home in my mini <3

At what time did you wake up this morning?


What was the last song that you added to your music library?

MCD: Papaoutai by Stromae

Mariacarla Doval

Poolside or beachside?

MCD: Definitely beachside. I love feeling the sand in between my toes while tanning and listening to the sound of waves crashing.

How was your first experience with snow?

MCD: It was this past semester, I was freaking out, and way more excited than most people on  campus. But I was also scared to go outside because I had no idea what to wear. When I finally went outside, I played in the snow for probably less than an hour and then went into hibernation because I was freezing.
Providence Snow Storm: 1
Mariacarla: 0

Where do you call home?

MCD: I would always call Miami home, but now home is somewhere between Brown University in Providence and Miami.

Mariacarla Doval

Name 3 places where you would like to visit.

MCD: Cuba !! (the motherland)
Bali, I am dying to go to an elephant zoo there.

What is your motto in life? (If you don't have one make it up, we have time)

MCD: There's this saying in Spanish that goes “Mas grande que mi es la tierra y yo la piso”
Translation: The only thing bigger than me is the Earth, and I step all over it.

What do you miss about Miami the most?

MCD: Definitely the people. My family and friends. But also just the huge Cuban and Hispanic culture that is present.

Netflix or Chill?

MCD: I'm terrible at watching movies. People say I ask too many questions during them.
Mariacarla Doval

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