The purpose of the photoshoot test is to get to know each other and to have an idea of your strengths as a model for future photo shoots. They are usually very simple, and straight forward. White background and simple clothes.


By now you probably answered a questionnaire, if not please click here

It’s a link is to schedule yourself for a shoot

Cancellation and fees

The test photo shoots are usually free, but if you have cancelled with me in the past I might ask you to pay a $25 booking fee. If you get on time you get your money back, if not I keep it. It’s just to prevent future cancelation.


I use Pinterest for organising my thoughts and preparing for photo shoots. I sometimes create a mutual board with models for better planning. You can add your ideas there. You can follow my Pinterest here.

What to wear.

There are not specific things on what to wear, but just recommendations.

If we are doing a bikini shoot