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Samantha Ambros is the girl with the turtle tattoo.

Ricardo La Torre

Sexy maturity at it's finest.

When it comes to sexy women Samantha Ambros is the closest thing to the dictionary definition. Her pretty eyes, adorable smile, and her incredible body can certainly be topics of conversation for hours. But most importantly what attracted me the most was her levels of confidence, her humility, her maturity and her range of topics of conversation. She literally is a full woman. Sure, some of those pictures are probably ‘no aptos para cardiacos’ not good for people who suffer from heart problems. But if we see past the sexy photos, we can really talk about what’s important in Miss Ambros list of priorities.

Samantha Ambros Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod

The rejection of Miami fake culture, into a more healthy living.

While we were talking I realized that Sam and I have a lot of things in common, I have talked before about the competition towards perfection. I’m from the chain of thought that “perfect is the enemy of good” and she falls in the same conviction. What I mean by that is that people try really hard achieve perfection in their projects, their style, and their looks, women especially. This could be dangerous sometimes because different people have a different definition of perfect.

Samantha Ambros Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod The love of nature and her love of the sea.

If you follow Samantha Ambros on social media, you can tell her that she is on a mission, the mission of rescuing endangering species. She talks about the sea, the same way some other girls talk about boys or the dreams about walking on the runway. I think enough kids can agree with me when I say we need to keep this planet clean and save the defenseless animals. The main problem is that not enough people are aware of all the small things that we do unintentionally to contaminate our environment.

Samantha Ambros Photographed by Ricardo La Torre Rirod

Immaturity on the internet.

A woman can't use her body to raise awareness because the immature boys of Reddit can't handle it. This is not only a Reddit problem but Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope as well. Social media is filled people tormenting women everywhere. But it’s her style on how she handles ‘thirsty boys online’ that makes her personality so amazing. It’s like she’s just killing a mosquito with an ‘Oh-well’ mentality.

As my journey continues to meet more interesting women, I discovered something about myself with Samantha. When I was a younger artist all I ever wanted was to be publish by GQ or Vogue. Little by little my priorities have changed. I now want to learn more about myself through women. Talking to women from different backgrounds and social classes gives me an interesting perspective. Hopefully, in my next photo shoot, you will teach me something as well.

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